The Importance Of Display Stand Design

- Jan 08, 2019-

The display rack is exquisite, gorgeous, and highly personalized to deeply attract customers, clever logo printing, can also play the role of brand promotion, so the design of the display frame is very demanding, what kind of design can Separating from others, how to attract guests, this is the most basic requirement for a display designer.

In the form of a formal store, whether the design is reasonable, whether the quality is high or low, there should be a criterion for judging, which is mainly evaluated from the following aspects:

1. Rationality of the three major spaces: Whether the configuration of commodity space, customer space and shopping guide space is beneficial to attract customers into the store, whether the customers can browse the goods freely and comfortably after entering the store, and provide good services by the guide when needed. Whether the entire store is filled with the atmosphere of coughing freedom.

2. Reasonableness of product configuration and display: According to the characteristics of the store and products, the needs of customers, and the configuration of goods, it is necessary to consider the quantity of goods of various types, styles, specifications and colors. When there is a problem with the configuration of the goods, it should be deployed in time. Display: It is necessary to display the hot products with full specifications and quantity on the sunny side, and keep updating to ensure the transaction rate.

3, the quality of shopping guide services: the location of the shopping guide should be correct, the language should be standardized, decent (including sound, silent two parts).

4, the store design style and brand management style consistency: brand clothing has a specific consumer group, that is, target customers, according to their economic conditions, cultural literacy and other aspects of the brand management will form their own style, store design style Must match.

5, the consistency of the store design and brand level: the consistency between the two is mainly reflected in the economic factors, the popular brand must correspond to the popular store design.

After the design of the store is completed, after a period of operation or due to the adjustment and change of the overall structure of the mall, or the adjustment of the business philosophy, the store must make certain modifications. The principles are as follows:

1. Principle of similarity: learn from the successful brands, mature brands and good brand experience.

2, the principle of rationality: under the premise of good sales, the principle of neat and tidy goods; in the case of poor sales, the atmosphere of the original store must be destroyed, and the goods should be adjusted.

3, the right timing principle: the big transformation can not be in the sales season, weekends, holidays.

4, the principle of transformation at any time: minor repairs and small changes, at any time, to move on the shelf, model models continue to adjust, when sales are good, you can not move, sales must be modified when the slope.

5, dominant principle: brightness is brighter than the surrounding brands, the store is a little wider than the surrounding brands, the service is better than the surrounding brands