How To Place The Optical Shop Showcase

- Jan 08, 2019-

The optical shop display cabinets are not only of good quality, but the display of the optical shop showcases is also very important. Different display cabinets are placed in different modes, and the items such as the matching chairs are placed in suitable places. Otherwise, it will affect the overall decoration effect of the optical storefront. What are the precautions for the display of the optical shop showcase?

1. The strong sunlight during the day will fade the surface of the glasses display cabinet, which directly affects the durability of the glasses showcase. The long-term effect will affect the overall effect of the optical storefront, so no matter which material is used for the glasses showcase, It can't be placed around the window for a long time, especially if the room is facing west.

2, the desktop of the checkout counter can not be too low, can not be lower than the waist, in order to facilitate the normal activities of the personnel in the optical shop. The distance between the top of the cabinet and the ground of the optical storefront should not exceed two meters. If the art cabinet has two layers, the first layer can see the height of the objects placed inside in a head-up angle, and the second layer can get things with a raised hand. These are the details of the performance, but they are useful for the daily operation of the optical storefront.

3, the lighting of the mall is mainly chandeliers. For example, the top of the optical storefront is too low, so pay attention to the height of the chandelier. If it is too low, it will hinder everyone's normal movement. The chandelier's device is good, and the light will naturally be more symmetrical. As for the height of the chandelier, the most appropriate distance is about fifty or sixty centimeters from the table top. If it is too high, it will make people feel flashed. If it is too low, it may hit the head.