How To Be Competitive In The Glasses Market?

- Jan 08, 2019-

In fact, the optical industry has always been at the forefront of the times. From the initial optical glasses to fashion glasses, to the rapid development of smart glasses, the industry has been refreshing the attention of users. So how to be more competitive in this industry? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer, just subdivide each process for analysis and application.

1, first talk about the optical glasses matching market

Optical glasses use lenses, prisms, contact lenses, intraocular lenses to correct vision, eliminate visual fatigue, and protect or treat the eyes. We can analyze this part of the user group mainly for students and workplace workers. Of course, these two groups depend on your market positioning. If you are a student-oriented one, start with campus activities or integrated teaching system resources. If you are a workplace worker, the most important thing is to do workplace branding and develop business. Channel. I will not elaborate on the specific implementation, but I emphasize here that positioning is based on physical stores. It is very important to decorate and decorate the store. It is necessary to match the lighting, and it must be equipped with some specialized and branded glasses. The racks are placed in the most prominent locations in the store.

2, fashion glasses

Fashion glasses strictly cover all areas of glasses, but the author is subdivided here, such as sunglasses, sunglasses, outdoor glasses, sports glasses and props glasses frames. This kind of glasses is basically needed by anyone or can be used by anyone. It is recommended that brand businesses do a good job of segmentation and then market for different user groups. Here we have to talk about the operation of physical stores, because the stores under such glasses are not common, often sold as optical product stores, or sold directly at retail stores. This is not good for branding and product marketing. It is recommended that the merchants make a complete set of glasses display stand or match with glasses props. This type of glasses display stand must have the characteristics of brand promotion and the function display of glasses.

3. Smart glasses

Smart glasses are more functional than conventional glasses, so in the sales process, more attention is paid to functional experience and branding. So how the sellers reflect the function and make the user a better experience is the most important thing. It is recommended that the brand merchants customize the display stand that meets the functions of the smart glasses themselves. In addition, the users of such glasses are high-end users, so it must be made into high-end design with artificial intelligence.