Decoration Points And Specifications Of Glasses Showcase

- Jan 08, 2019-

In modern society, with the continuous improvement of science and production technology, the commercial nature of optical shops has become more and more professional, which makes optical shop operators need to consider comprehensively in the selection of glasses showcases. There are quite a few optical shops that are well decorated, and the quality and quantity of the products are good, but the sales and popularity are not improved, which makes the business a headache. After many parties have learned about the optical shops in other cities, they have found that their glasses showcases are quite distinctive and it is easy to evoke consumer interest.


At present, the economic situation of all walks of life is very tense. Optical shops are no longer the place to buy and sell goods, but as a place for people to enjoy leisure and entertainment. The glasses showcase used before the store is the cabinet for the goods, which has no impact on the customer's vision. With the improvement of business awareness and the improvement of people's consumption concept, the current glasses display cabinets are not only the display of goods, but the most important display in the optical shop business activities, decorative props appear.


The glasses showcase design is lighter, the materials used are environmentally friendly and beautiful, and incorporate a lot of artistic display techniques to make the products more attractive. Not only that, the use of the image of the glasses showcase is conducive to the establishment of commodity brands and the promotion of the company's cultural management philosophy.

Therefore, in the face of market demand, the choice of glasses display cabinets must also keep up with the times, make full use of its value, so that it can better serve goods and stores.

The showcases in the optical shop are mainly divided into high cabinets and low cabinets, each playing an important role. So how do you design and manufacture a glass showcase to better reflect its value?

First of all, let's talk about the high cabinets of the glasses display cabinets. The high cabinets are usually designed and built on the wall or with the function of partitions. The standard size of the design is usually 2400*400*1000, 2400*550*1000, which is the standard. One is the specification of the plate, and the other is to consider the comfort of the product with a better display height. The quantity and specifications of the product are more in line with the actual store.

After talking about the high cabinet, the next step is the low cabinet of the glasses display cabinet. The standard size of the design is usually 1200*600*900, 1200*550*900. The low cabinet is the leading consumer display body for the glasses products. The specifications and actuality of the board. The placement of goods, the visual perception of customers, and the overall harmony and beauty are all recognitions that can be brought to the public. Commodity display is important, and the actual purchase desire without considering and guiding consumers is the biggest failure.

1. Pay attention to the practicality of the glasses showcase. The first thing to consider in the glasses showcase is practicality. If a showcase is beautiful, but not practical, then the glasses showcase loses its original meaning, and many beautiful eyewear products cannot be presented to customers.

2, the space utilization rate of the showcase is high, if an optical shop is large, but the utilization rate is not high, then it will be very empty, giving the store consumers a feeling of not being trusted.

Therefore, the production of glasses showcases must not only be very beautiful, but also pay attention to its practicality. Only when the two combine and complement each other can they attract more customers' attention and increase the unit price of glasses sales.