What materials are used in the optical shop showcase?

- Jan 08, 2019-

There are many kinds of materials for making showcases, and each material is also different. Today, Xiaobian and everyone

What kind of materials do you use to talk about the glasses shop showcase?

Iron material, titanium magnesium alloy

Iron metal is one of the common materials in the showcase. It has the advantages of convenient production, moderate weight, light weight, waterproof and moisture resistance, but it also has certain defects, that is, the structure changes little, it is difficult to design various forms of effect, and if The overall use of iron materials, the showcase lacks aesthetic and texture.


As one of the commonly used materials in the showcase, wood has excellent properties such as water absorption, moisture absorption, heat absorption and drainage. Moreover, the wood is flexible in structural adjustment and can make various styles and design effects. And it can be used in a variety of complex environments, but the price is slightly more expensive than other metals.


The veneer showcase is the most common material. Its advantage is that the color of the style can be changed. The material of the board is relatively selective, such as fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, organic board, acrylic, wallpaper, etc. The price varies according to the material of the board. It is inexpensive, and can spend a small amount of money to create a more aesthetic shape, which is popular among consumers.


The glass has the characteristics of transparent texture, and its posture is different in appearance. FRP has superior mechanical properties, and has the characteristics of light weight and low interest. The racks, cabinets, cabinets, tables, boxes, partitions, etc. for merchandising can be used because of its freedom of formation, so that designers can give it many new forms. It is one of the essential materials for modern showcases.

Having said so many materials, the material that the optical shop showcase needs to produce ultimately needs to look at the aesthetic and personal needs of consumers. It chooses different material combinations according to the surrounding environment of the store, and combines the company's brand, cultural background and display. The characteristics of the product highlight the company's brand culture and personality.