What details do you need to pay attention to when choosing a spectacle display frame?

- Jan 08, 2019-

There are more and more myopia in the student population, which makes the number of optical shops more and more. Its income is also very impressive, but in the face of so many optical shops, how to stand out from it is very important. Nowadays, many managers attach great importance to the placement of products in the optical store, and also indicate their importance to the glasses display stand. So, what details should you pay attention to when purchasing a glasses display stand?

The first point is to consider the size of the optical shop.

For example, the current optical store has a long length, and even a small storefront wants to be able to place two display stands on this side. At this time, it is necessary to select a display stand of an appropriate length according to the length of the store. If the width is not very wide, you can select only one longer display stand. At this time, it is necessary to consider that the display frame in two directions can be connected to one piece, which can save space.

The second point is to consider the quality of the display glass.

The purpose of the eye display frame is to let customers know all the products in the store clearly and directly through the display stand. If the glass quality of the display stand is not high, the frame of the eyeglasses seen may be somewhat curved or even chromatic. This situation will cause consumers to think that the eyes themselves have problems, and the sales of in-store products will naturally decline. Therefore, when buying a product, be sure to check the display glass.

The third point is to consider the quality of the display stand itself.

Most of the display stands now use glass other than glass on the front side and on the side facing the salesperson. At this time, the quality of the wood should be checked. If the quality is unqualified, the service life will be shortened. Some woods will immediately swell or bend after being damp, so they have to change the display frame frequently.

In addition to the above factors, we must also consider the economic budget. In fact, for small optical shops. It is not necessary to purchase a very high-priced glasses display stand. Because in general, all products of this type of optical shop are low-end. At this point, the main role of the display stand is to be able to place these products reasonably, so that the product looks more beautiful. If you simply pursue a high-priced display stand, you can only increase the economic burden.