What are the display materials?

- Jan 08, 2019-

The showcase is a prop that the store uses to store and display merchandise. The chic design of its appearance can serve as an advertising campaign to attract customers and apply more on some branded products. It is more convenient to use. In places like shopping malls and supermarkets, you can often see a variety of styles, beautiful and beautiful showcases, some look wooden, and some are glass. So, are you familiar with the materials of the showcase? Do you know what? What are the advantages and disadvantages and uses of these different materials showcases?

The materials for the showcase are wood, stone, metal materials, glass, paint, clinker, synthetic materials, hardware materials, inkjet and so on. Among them, wood is divided into hardwood material, softwood material, synthetic wood material; stone has granite, marble, bluestone, stone, pebbles, rain stone; metal materials are iron, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Different materials have different characteristics, and the displayed cabinets have different ranges of use and prices are different. The advantages and disadvantages of the showcase materials and the use of wood are the core of the showcase. The quality of the wood determines the quality of the showcase. Among them, hardwood, high price, obvious pattern, but easy to deform and damaged, more suitable for veneer decoration; cork, easy to be bent and corroded; synthetic material is the main production material of wooden showcase, overcoming hardwood and cork Disadvantages. Stone, the application of more granite and marble, granite hardness, fine pattern, suitable for making finishes, marble is large, the hardness is not high. Metal materials are mainly iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Among them, aluminum is widely used, cheap and light. Glass showcases are often used to display more expensive products; plastics are widely used, but are limited by specifications; paints are manufactured for longer periods of time.