Several details of the decoration of the optical shop

- Jan 08, 2019-

In recent years, the number of optical shops has shown an increasing trend, making decoration a very popular industry. However, unlike home decoration, optical shops need to determine the style of decoration according to the type of business and the type of products sold, so they are building a family. When you have a distinctive and bright optical shop, it is very important to grasp the following details.

Overall layout design

Shop decoration design is a very important part. It is related to the whole decoration process and the final effect. Therefore, the design should emphasize the functionality and recognizability. The decoration style must be consistent with the product content of the operation, and it should be able to highlight its own industry. And the characteristics of the grade.

The details of the glasses store space design include the following questions:

What functions can the space of the optical shop meet?

How about the layout of the optical shop?

Can the space design of the optical shop provide convenience for consumers?

How about the local processing of the optical shop?

Display cabinet design

The traditional display cabinet has a relatively simple shape. With the improvement of people's concept, there are more innovations in the design, color, shape and other design of the display cabinet, and these personalized display cabinets often leave a very good consumer. The impression of the product has contributed to the sales of the product. For example, the composition of the product is neat and regular, which can enhance the positive visual effect, while the curved display stand or the multi-directional display stand can be used to pursue visual changes. Be sure to work hard in the display cabinet to create a stylish and personalized display cabinet.

Lighting and lighting

According to the principle of ergonomics, people watch the exhibition has a directional light, so the lighting of each area in the store should be reasonably arranged to guide customers to purchase. In addition, the lighting between the various areas should be controlled separately, and the lamps are mainly energy-saving lamps, so that energy saving and energy saving can be saved.

Color matching

The color treatment of the store decoration should make full use of the contrast and shading of the color to enhance the artistic characteristics of the shape, enrich the effect of the shape, and create a more ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color tone of the storefront is suitable for high-lightness warm colors, highlighting the key parts according to their physical characteristics and the needs of the optical shop decoration atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color. In order to highlight the store's identity, the store's cards, logos and markers, etc., can also be used in high-purity vivid colors to give people a striking display.