How to choose the right showcase

- Jan 08, 2019-

How to choose the right showcase In general, showcases can be divided into vertical cabinets, central cabinets and table cabinets. Since the unique design of the showcase can play an advertising role, when buying the showcase, pay attention to the matchmaking of the showcase, including color matching and space matching. Color matching, to make the appearance of the showcase beautiful and generous. Space matching means that the showcase should not only be firm, easy to disassemble and transport, but also suitable for the storefront and product features. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And the boutique display stand is beautiful, noble and elegant, and has a good decorative effect. The boutique display stand makes the product show its extraordinary charm. Scope of the boutique display stand: the boutique display stand is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, cigarettes, famous wines, watches, jewelry, digital bags, clothing, cosmetics, pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, Automotive products, 4S shop models, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factory product showrooms, foreign trade company sample showrooms and other products, can also be used for corporate fairs, and can design more styles, make products show higher highlights, greatly Customer's attention and favor. The display rack is also known as product display stand, promotional stand, portable display and data stand. According to the characteristics of your products, design and match the product promotion display rack, so that your products are prominently displayed in front of the public, thus increasing the role of advertising on products.

To make a reasonable maintenance of the showcase that has just been done, the maintenance rate of the store will be greatly reduced. Here, I will tell you a small tip for the maintenance of the showcase: the new showcase should be scrubbed frequently because there is still some residual around it. Glue, in the process of your frequent scrubbing, these things will disappear, slowly getting brighter, especially the surface of the acrylic panel, it is more and more bright. However, the showcase made of aluminum-plastic panel is a bit picky. Pay more attention when scrubbing, because its surface is thin aluminum, it will be easily scratched, especially the chassis showcase. When taking the chassis, pull it up, a few The surface of the aluminum is crossed out, so be careful when using the showcase.

In the market economy environment, the competition for various products is becoming increasingly fierce, especially for a wide variety of lifestyle goods. In large shopping malls, it is very important to have a bold and unique display space, and the vacancies in the shopping malls seem to be more and more less. Therefore, if you can make good use of this display world and let it work more efficiently, it is a topic of common concern for merchants and commercial decoration companies. For the showcase, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance during use, and extend the service life of the showcase.