Gold ratio in custom design of display frame

- Jan 08, 2019-

The product display is inseparable from the display stand. The customized display stand is different from the shelf. It must be professionally designed to better present the selling point of the product. Below, Xiaobian will discuss with you: How much height is the display stand?

First of all, we must understand the basic principles of several supermarket displays: the principle of reaching out; the products should be placed in the most convenient and easiest place for consumers, according to the different ages and height characteristics of different major consumers. display. If the children's products should be placed below 1 meter.

1. One meter six display stand is most suitable for Chinese height.

2, the first layer and the second layer of the product is the most important position of the display, the height from the eye to the chest, and the height that the viewer first saw. These two layers become areas of high-margin product placement. This is the embodiment of the principle of reaching out.

3. The third and fourth floors should be placed with low-margin, large-volume, and heavy goods.

One meter six display stand size is the height of gold let us verify it with some data! According to relevant research statistics:

First sight: height from eye to chest

38% of consumers will go to the next category after they get the main product A they want.

Second eye: chest to waist

According to this example, after 55% of the people took the main product A and the main product B, 86% of the consumers left the display rack and bought the poor C and D and left.

Third eye: below the waist

Only a very small number of consumers will see other products on the ground floor. In fact, only 14% of consumers see the E products at the bottom.