Color collocation rules for display racks

- Jan 08, 2019-

We can achieve a series of effects such as highlighting the display, beautifying the shopping environment, stimulating the senses of the consumers, and facilitating purchases by using display and display techniques for shops and merchandise, but we must first understand the ultimate goal of doing so: make possible sales faster. Achieved. The fastest and most direct way for consumers to come into contact with a store to display their style is to look through the eyes. The information obtained by the visual is the fastest and most complicated. How to intercept his attention in the rush of consumers?

The final result of the exhibition is to make the whole store a unified style, so the design of the display frame begins with the selection of colors. We need to pay attention to the three aspects of hue, brightness and purity of color. Hue refers to the appearance and name of the color. When making the display stand, we often use the Pantone color card as a reference. In the display industry, you can't see it, only the real thing is the real thing. Different monitors have different resolutions, and electronic documents are far less reliable. If you need a custom display stand, it is best to use the Pantone color card as a reference or send us the actual object to compare the color.

The brightness of color actually refers to a whole light and dark change, just like from the day to the night, there is a gradual process. Among the colors of nature, yellow is the brightest color. The purity of color is also called saturation. The higher the purity, the brighter the color. The purity and brightness of the colors usually affect each other, such as yellow, purity and brightness. The use of such a color in the display stand must be sufficient to attract the eye, and the consumer's eyes can find it in the first place. But this has its advantages and disadvantages. Bright colors are easy to attract consumers' attention, and it is easy to cover up the product. The brightness of the color needs to be controlled within a certain range. What is the specific scope, it will be based on your product.