Acrylic advantage of making a rotating display stand

- Jan 08, 2019-

The Acrylic Rotating Display is a common display stand that is easy to implement. The countertop style, or the floor-standing display stand is often matched with the rotating base. Consumers only need to arbitrarily select the products of different display surfaces without moving the display stand in place. In short, the rotating display stand is a very good display for the user experience.

Compared with metal and wood rotating display stands, the rotating display stand made by Acrylic has a cost advantage. As mentioned above, if the display frame is to be rotated, then a rotating base needs to be installed to achieve this function. From this we can think of the fact that the base has to bear the weight of the entire display stand and the displayed goods, and the different requirements for bearing weight result in different manufacturing costs. Acrylic is light and heavy, only half the weight of the glass, and is durable and durable. It can be used to make a rotating display stand.

In addition, the advantages of acrylic rotating display stand are: acrylic plates can choose a lot of colors, you can also customize the swatches according to your needs. Secondly, the rotating display stand needs to use a material with good wear resistance and weather resistance, and the function of acrylic is also very good.