4 aspects that the optical shop needs to pay attention to when laying out the glasses display stand

- Jan 08, 2019-

The effect of the different layouts and placement methods of the glasses display stand in the optical shop is also different. The good layout will directly affect the number of customers entering the store and the experience of the customer when selecting. Do you know the knowledge contained in these details? The following small series will analyze the four aspects that the optical shop needs to pay attention to when laying out the glasses display stand:

1. The violent sun will make the surface of the glasses display fade, which directly affects the durability of the display. Therefore, no matter which material is used, it cannot be placed next to the window, especially when the room is facing west.

2. The display of the glasses display stand should be under the premise of maintaining the independent beauty of the glasses, and make the glasses cleverly arranged through the artistic shape to achieve mutual beauty and achieve the overall artistic effect. The method of display should be novel and unique, and the details of the attention when decorating the house should be ingeniously designed, which has an unstoppable appeal to consumers. Pay attention to certain aesthetic principles, beautiful, generous, well-proportioned, and coordinated. You can also use some accessories, etc., to fully use the artistic techniques to show the beauty of glasses.

3. In order to attract consumers and facilitate consumers to visit and purchase, the retail store should flexibly select the display parts, display space, display position and stacking method of the glasses according to the characteristics of the glasses, so that the customers can see at a glance.

4. According to the psychological requirements of consumers and shopping habits, glasses display stands of the same variety or the same series should be displayed in the same location. The height of the display should be appropriate, it is easy for consumers to watch the feeling, and improve the visibility and positive visual effect of the glasses.

The placement of the glasses display rack is not only about how to attract customers, but also considers the layout of the entire optical shop, combining a number of factors.